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The curriculum of the International Hospitality Management Programme is founded on a rich history of experiences with different hospitality companies and professionals from the hospitality industry. The curriculum reflects the profile "the business" looks for in a well-trained graduate. As a hospitality manager, you are faced with questions as to what is the impact on the business of developments in the hospitality industry (e.g. tourism, events, travel industries). After an introduction in marketing you will analyse these trends in general, along with promotional, pricing and distribution strategies for selecting and attracting a target market segment and maximizing profitability. An international acting businessman is also familiar with concepts as cross cultural management en (multi) cultural differences. Programme You will study subjects like: Marketing, Marketing Management, Export Management, Cross-cultural aspect, Communication & English, Strategic marketing, Management, Personal Management, Psychology, Hospitality & leisure management and finance. During your studies you will work at improving your ability to speak and write English. Classes in management communication, both oral and written, will sharpen your skills as an effective leader in a variety of business situations. Consolidating your knowledge of the many different aspects of marketing, you will study marketing strategy in depth, preparing yourself for career challenges in which short-term concerns for market share and relevant long-range planning issues are equally important for success.


Students can apply for different stages in the program. Applicants should be at least 18 years old, with at least a high school diploma (havo or mbo) and possess a school or work testimonial and the results of a TOEFL test.


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