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General information about the academic degree programme International Economics and Business
International Economics and Business is an English-taught Bachelor’s degree track for both Dutch and foreign students. This academic degree programme is primarily concerned with the fields of Economics and Business Economics and it approaches these fields from an international perspective.

Graduates often find employment within an international work environment. This could be a job with a multinational company in the Netherlands, a job in which you travel or fill a post abroad. By having a good command of English, your knowledge of international (Business)Economics and of different cultures can provide you with opportunities to work abroad and will stand you in good stead when solving problems that companies and governmental agencies might experience. You will possess a broad economic background which in turn will enable you to be a negotiating partner at the management level and which will also make you an expert on a wide range of subjects.

During the first two years of your study, you will become well-acquainted with the subject matter that is taught regarding General Economics and Business Economics. In addition to attending lectures, you will also reviewing practical applications by examining case studies. Your classes will be given in the form of lectures and group tutorials with your fellow students, as well as individual exchanges. At the same time you will be trained in general skills such as giving presentations, developing argumentation and engaging in discussions. In addition, you will receive English lessons and at the start of the second year you will learn a second modern foreign language. In the third year you will go abroad for six months where you will study at another university. You will complete your Bachelor’s degree programme by writing a thesis.

- English
- A second modern foreign language
- General Economics courses
- Business Economics courses

Admission Requirements
Pre-university profiles:
- Culture & Society with Mathematics A or B, Economics & Society, Nature & Health, Nature & Technology.
- Competence required in English

Future Prospects
After having completed this academic study, you can continue your studies by enrolling in a Master's degree programme in International Economics and Business.

This academic degree programme lasts 3 years.


Vwo-profielen: C&M met wiskunde A of B, E&M, N&G, N&T.
Gewenst: Engels


Na deze opleiding kun je verder studeren middels de masteropleiding International economics & r>business.


Deze opleiding duurt 3 jaar.

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