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The international Program in Business Administration focuses on the management of international companies and their operations. In a multicultural classroom, you will learn international aspects of business management topics in addition to benefiting from a teaching philosophy that values cultural diversity and recognizes its importance in today’s business world.

The program fundamentally teaches you how companies operate and what managers need to know in order to understand internal processes. You will learn how to analyze the various components within a company and how to develop solutions for problems that confront managers as they try to optimize business processes. These processes may include the various resources that companies use. Such resources include capital (money), product resources (natural, agricultural products, synthetic products), and human resources (the people who are involved in business processes-employees as well as consumers). In understanding these different divisions of a company, students also learn about the connections between them.

The curriculum is taught entirely in English.

First year courses:
Introduction to International Business, Microeconomics & Markets, Foundations of Finance & Accounting, Methodology of Management Science, Operations Management, Macroeconomics & Institutional Context, Quantitative Methods & Techniques: Mathematics, Quantitative Methods & Techniques: Statistics, Foundations of Behavioral Science, Informatics, Business Plan, Skills Training.


Dutch VWO diploma: all four profiles are eligible. For the profile C&S the courses Mathematics A or B are compulsory.

All non-Dutch diplomas have to be reviewed. You are immediately eligible for the international Program in Business administration if you hold: the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma or the European Baccalaureate (EB) diploma. Required level of Mathematics for holder of IB diplomas is Math Methods or Math Higher.

Admission to the international Program in Business Administration is limited. There is a restriction in the number of students allowed: a so-called Numerus Fixus. A total of 300 students will be allowed to enter the program.

In the selection procedure:
1) students with a pass grade of 8+ and higher at a Dutch VWO exam, will be automatically placed
2) around 50% of the student capacity will be selected by decentralized selection (decentrale selectie), to be carried out by the Selection Committee of the Program
3) the remaining 50% of the capacity will be assigned by lot


After completion of the BSc, you may attend the Master Program at a (partner) business school. Alternatively, some of you may choose to gather work experience for a certain period of time before returning to the university after a few years for an MSc or MBA; others may decide to immediately continue their studies. Students are expected to find challenging positions within internationally operating firms very soon after graduation, and sometimes before graduation, from relationships developed during internships and other networking experiences.


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