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The Research Master’s Programme in Business Research focuses on two main skill sets. You will learn the methodologies for close analysis that you can apply to your chosen topic of specialisation. You will also learn the academic skills needed in order to succeed in research, such as writing in English, getting published, the review process and so on.

Business Research is a very challenging programme that attracts the very best of students. Your learning experience will cover general research methodologies, including those that are specific to business and those that are relevant to all academic research. You will also be able to specialise in your areas of interest, especially in your second year.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

-Research business topics according to the highest standards
-Analyse and interpret recent literature in your field of interest
-Demonstrate how to increase the impact of your research


Gemotiveerde studenten met ten minste drie jaar academische ervaring in de economie, econometrie, of andere sociale wetenschappen met een bachelor's degree (BA / BS / B.Sc.) mogen solliciteren.


A research master’s programme in Business Research is a great start to your academic career. It’s excellent preparation for a PhD, either at Maastricht University or at other international institutions. The research methodologies you will learn, as well as the presentation and communication skills, will also prepare you for a career in research within external companies, research organisations or institutions. Graduates have found positions in: universities, undertaking further study in the form of a PhD; graduates have then pursued an academic career firms needing strong research and business skills.


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Arbeidsmarkt Jaar 2011
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