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Looking for high-quality training in statistics for research or for professional life? If so, consider KU Leuven's MSc in Statistics, an interdisciplinary programme whose teaching is grounded in internationally-recognised research.

The objective of the programme is to offer wide-ranging training in statistics at a high scientific level aimed at a number of specific application fields: biomedical statistics, statistics used in the social, behavioural and educational sciences, statistics used in a business or government environment, and statistics used in industry. In addition, students may choose to follow a methodology-focussed or all-around option.

The aim is to train you intensively in both theoretical and practical aspects of statistics, bring them in contact with basic concepts and methods and create a problem-solving attitude with the aid of statistical methodology.


Direct admission:
- Bachelor of Sciences
- Bachelor of Applied Sciences and Engineering
- Bachelor of Bioscience Engineering
- Another Bachelor's degree with a sound introductory course in Statistics

Proof of proficiency in English
applicants should submit a satisfactory score on an internationally recognized test of English language proficiency: TOEFL (minimum score 575 paper-based, 233 computer-based, 94 internet-based) or IELTS (minimum score 7). No other proficiency tests will be accepted, and absolutely no application will be considered without such a test certificate.

Certified copies of transcripts and diplomas are required for all applicants.


As statistician, you'll be recruited by industry, banks or government institutions. You may find yourself designing clinical trials and supporting the biomedical sector, coaching research for new medicines, setting up and analysing psychological tests and surveys, performing financial risk analyses, statistically managing R&D projects and quality controls, or developing statistical software, And don't forget the academic world. The applications of statistics are very diverse, just like your professional options!


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