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Deze opleiding wordt alleen in het Engels aangeboden. Kijk voor informatie in de Engelstalige beschrijving. Management, Economics and Consumer Studies (MME) deals with the inter-relationships between producers, consumers and society at large. We study the dynamics in the product chain involving suppliers, producers, retailers and consumers, focusing on how they affect each other and how they affect, and are affected by, the economy and society.

The domain of this programme is business and all the components of industry including production, distribution and final use or consumption. The programme covers managerial, economic, sociological and environmental aspects – internal and external – of households and businesses in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world, in both developed and developing countries.

Universiteit Wageningen
At the Universiteit Wageningen you will focus on the following areas of specialisation: Management Studies, Consumer Studies, Economics, Environment & Policy, Life Sciences, Innovation & Management.


The Universiteit Wageningen expects applicants to meet the following requirements:
University (wo)
BSc degree (or equivalent) in a field of science relevant to the specific programme selected.

Institute of higher education
Applicants holding a HBO diploma in a relevant field should contact the university for the precise admission requirements.


You can work in a business, a university, the government, or at a non-governmental organisation.


Deze opleiding duurt 2 jaar.

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Percentage schoolverlaters met gunstig oordeel over aansluiting op arbeidsmarkt 92.7%
Percentage schoolverlaters met baan op zijn/haar niveau 73.2%
Percentage schoolverlaters met baan 95.1%


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Percentage schoolverlaters met voltijd baan 82.9%
Percentage schoolverlaters met vaste baan 85.4%
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Arbeidsmarkt Jaar 2011
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Management, economics & consumer studies

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