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The cornerstones of this programme are mechanical design and energy conversion. The former starts with an idea that is shaped in a graphical design and results in a finished product through choice of materials, simulation and production technique. Energy conversion is aimed at all aspects of energy efficiency in this process and ranges from electrical controls and automation to thermal power plants, combustion engines, climatisation, etc.

Intelligent Manufacturing option
The issues covered in this option include the latest production techniques; the way production systems operate; and the intrinsic relationship between production and other business processes, especially the design process. At the core of this option are the possibilities that computer-based systems offer in this context. Moreover, you learn to factor in the tension between technology, economics, and the environment and ergonomics.

Intelligent Mechanics option
The option Intelligent Mechanics relates to designing, developing and optimizing automated mechanical machines. Based on a strong background in electricity and mechanics, you delve more deeply into aspects like advanced design methods, electronic operations, controls, measures and drives, data communication and visualization methods.

Intelligent Mobility option
Intelligent Mobility deals with the sustainable, applying smart solutions. Its application area is very broad, but one example would be electric or hybrid cars fitted with intelligent recharging systems. Another would be vehicles that can warn each other about accidents or traffic jams. Intelligent Mobility also has to do with choosing materials or production methods that have the smallest ecological impact possible, and with optimally gearing transportation systems to one another.

You can combine your master's with the Postgraduate Programme Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


- Bachelor of Industrial Sciences: Electromechanical Engineering
- Bachelor in de industriële wetenschappen: Elektromechanica
- Bachelor of Science/Engineering in Electromechanical Engineering

Up for admission subject to a preparatory programme
Applicants with the following can be granted admission subject to successful completion of a preparatory programme (possibly already including some master courses):
- Bachelor of Industrial Sciences with a different major
- Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a different major
- Bachelor of Science in a related field

English language certificate: a TOEFL score of minimum TOEFL 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based) or 79/80 (internet-based); or an IELTS-score of 6.5.


Depending on your interest, your engineering profile can range from technological expert to company manager.

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