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Top-quality education in all aspects op biomedical engineering
Five leading research and educational institutions in Europe collaborate to offer a joint Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Biomedical Engineering, providing a top-quality eduction in all aspects of biomedical engineering. The master program has a duration of two years (120 ECTS points), with students spending a year in two different countries.


Holders of a Bachelor degree in either Biomedical, Physical, Electrical, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering can be admitted to the Master’s degree programme. We refer to the CEMACUBE website for more details.

Language requirements
In order to be admitted, you need to be proficient in English. The language requirements can be found on the website.

For this program, students studying in Belgium register at UGent. See the website of the UGent for more details.


With the diploma of Master of Biomedical Engineering, the student has ample possibilities in finding a job in Flanders, Belgium, Europe or worldwide, and this in industry, hospitals, health care, universities and research institutes, in government positions… The biomedical engineer is versatile, per definition multidisciplinary and therefore employable in many different positions such as:

- PhD-student at a university, performing fundamental research (e.g. unraveling the mechanism behind infection of implants, expanding the possibilities of tissue engineering, designing a prosthesis to restore sight…)
- PhD-student at a large industry R&D-department, performing applied research (e.g. design of a second generation discus prosthesis, minimally invasive heart support devices…)
- Product manager in an industry. Their education and training enables the student to lead a multinational and multicultural project team.
- R&D-department of an industry, working as a project leader on applied resea ch (e.g. design, production and assessment of biomaterials for artificial organs, heart valves, pacemakers; design of imaging techniques, sensors and information technology for patient monitoring; acquisition, storage, analysis and simulation of bio-data…)
- Medical physics engineer in a hospital supporting and improving patient care by applying engineering and management skills to health-care technology. They can be involved in technical support of daily practice, training of health care professionals, introducing safety programs, etc.
- “Regulatory Affairs Manager” in medical industry, providing advice on the design and production of medical devices and technology and taking the necessary steps to allow commercialization and implementation of new products on the market. This involves meeting requirements imposed by CE-marking or the US Food and Drug Administation (FDA).
- Government/public health, developing health care policy for the future.
- Consultancy in a wide spectrum of functions, from product design to safety regulations.
- Notified bodies, Regulatory Affairs Managers, screening new products for a CE-mark, patent offices…
- Health Insurance, improving health care and controlling costs.

Any job requiring the traditional analytical and organizational skills of the academically trained engineer (general consultancy jobs, top functions in administration, banking sector...)


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