Physical land resources

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This master offers

  • Knowledge and skills which enable you to start and build a successfull career as scientist specialised in either Soil Science or Land Resources Engineering in a professional way. 
  • The ability to formulate hypotheses and design experiments to test them, report results and findings to both your peers and to a general public. 
  • You to learn to think analytically, synthetically, creatively and in a problem solving way 
  • The ability to work both autonomously and in a team. 
  • The ability to apply knowledge as required for the overall development policy of your country 
  • The skills to function in fundamental as well as in applied research at universities, research institutions and (other) government or private institutions and companies. 
The Master of Physical Land Resources has two specializations: Soil Science (organized by the Universiteit Gent) and Land Resources Engineering (organized by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel). During your training you acquire a profound knowledge of pedology, soil physics and chemistry, soil mineralogy, soil prospection and classification, statistics and computer science, climatology and meteorology. Depending on the chosen modules you can specialize in the fields of: land evaluation, soil fertility, soil-water management...


Admission requirements


Employment can be found in the fields of:

- soil management
- environment assessment
- water management, including water supply and control
- stability of taluds and excavations
- use of soil as construction material
- coastal development
- erosion and sediment transport


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Physical land resources

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