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Focus on new media and society in Europe

The Master of Communication Studies is a one-year (60 ECTS) academic master with a focus on New Media and Society in Europe. This unique English language programme focuses on the rapidly changing field of media and communication in a European context. The programme takes an original interdisciplinary approach and allows students to concentrate on business, policy and/or user aspects of new media.

The programme consists of two semesters. It comprises one set of compulsory courses and one set of optional courses. The optional courses allow students to focus on three specific fields: business and markets, policy and governance, user aspects of new media and society in Europe. Instead of choosing from the optional courses, students can decide to do an internship.

This Master offers

  • A high-level and international oriented education by leading scholars in the field of information and communication technologies, new media and European media 
  • An integrated programme and interdisciplinary approach to new media and society in Europe 
  • Teaching in small groups using interactive teaching methods, stimulating individual participation 
  • A wide variety of specialised courses focusing on new media concepts 
  • Excellent guidance in writing your master thesis by leading scholars in a variety of subject fields 
  • The possibility of writing your thesis in one of the following four languages: English, Dutch, French or German (the last three only on approval) 
  • Close collaboration with researchers from the centre for Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication (SMIT) and the Institute for European Studies (IES) 
  • The possibility of meeting professionals of the research field on conferences, workshops and other academic events



Admission requirements


This master provides you with subject knowledge and analytical skills that will offer you multiple opportunities on the job market. Possible employers are:
- Media companies working at the European level or whose work is influenced by European decision-making
- European institutions working in the field of new media and society
- Lobby organisations trying to influence Europe's innovation and communication policies
- International companies with headquarters is Brussels

Possible jobs are:
- Strategic management positions related to innovation and R&D
- Strategic analyst of European communication markets
- Policy analyst for media and telecommunications companies
- Strategic analyst of user studies for communications companies
- Scientific collaborator or researcher in the area of new media and society in Europe


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