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The Master in Business and Technology, organized by the Solvay Business School of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, focuses on business aspects of modern-day technology. The programme contains advanced business courses, technology courses, as well as courses that combine both perspectives, such as the Entrepreneurship course.

This English variant of the Dutch-language Handelsingenieur ('Business Engineering') Master is not just a copy. On the contrary, the Solvay Master of Business & Technology focuses even more on IT and innovation and has a clear international flavour.

You will have the opportunity to take a number of elective courses in the second year, thus allowing you to personalise your curriculum and specialise more in either business, technology, or both.

Becoming a business engineer

Economics as its foundation, technology as added value and entrepreneurship as a guideline - this, in short, is the philosophy behind the Belgian academic qualification of 'Business Engineer' (Handelsingenieur / Ingénieur de Gestion, sometimes translated as 'Management Engineer' or 'Commercial Engineer').

Bridge the gap between the different worlds

The idea is to train professionals who are able to understand the jargon and business environment of all of their colleagues, whether they are engineers, economists, lawyers, computer scientists or they have other specialisations. Our graduates can bridge the gap between the different worlds of the many and varying professions in the workforce.

Solid foundation in economics

During the bachelor phase of our degree, which is only offered in Dutch, our students develop a solid foundation in economics and are immersed in business disciplines such as marketing, finance, management and human resource management. This is combined with a thorough grounding in mathematics, statistics and computer science, while a strong basis in science is provided by coursework in physics, chemistry, electronics and technology. Another unique aspect of the business engineer’s education is a strong focus on language skills. This broad background is the cornerstone of our master’s programme, and all students admitted to the program are expected to have a similar knowledge base.

High-level business programme

Through this programme international undergraduate students have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the Solvay Business School without having to attend classes in Dutch. Participation in a high-level business programme in Brussels, the capital of Europe, is a great asset for any student who strives to be prepared for the challenge of management in a globalised world.


Admission requirements


As a graduate in Business and Technology you have acquired a broad knowledge of various fields like economics, technology and languages, which enables you to bridge the gap between the different worlds of the many and varying professions in the workforce. The all round and international character of the programme gives you a multitude of career options to choose from. Most of our graduates end up in top management and hold a financial position. But you also find graduates in strategic positions in consultancy, audit, marketing, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, banking and insurance.


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