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During your study you can live through a wide variety of applications of computer science. As a student you will get first hand experience in a challenging, creative, dynamic and multi-disciplinary environment where you can contribute to the realisation of international projects. A degree in Computer Science at the University of Antwerp corresponds with a competent professional with a scientific background. After obtaining the degree you will be able to

  • adopt new technological developments in the respective disciplines within computer science 
  • exploit these developments where applicable in their professional context 
  • when required, make original contributions to the further development of the discipline 

It is our ambition to offer a unique programme, which is based on recommendations from renowned scientific organisations such as the ACM, IEEE and SIAM. Our programme emphasises deep knowledge and sufficient flexibility and as such our graduates are highly demanded in both industrial as well as academic positions.

Your future

Just a sample of career opportunities

  • In a corporate organisation you can work as a technology consultant, software designer, system developer, software architect, software analyst, web designer and developer, project leader, industrial researcher, … 
  • Many computer scientists end up in the Research and Development departments of industrial organisations (both large and small) to address technological challenges of all kinds. 
  • Your background allows you to deal with fast changing environments; which is a necessary prerequisite for project management positions. 
  • A scientific career in academia where you think about in depth problems of computer science. Together with other scientists and companies you work inside European or international projects on a variety of disciplines.


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