Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Sustainable Territorial Development

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Do you seek expertise in spatial management and sustainable development at the regional and local level (cities, rural areas, industrial districts, etc.)? Do you want to support policies that integrate economic, environmental, international, intercultural, territorial and context-driven dimensions? Are you fascinated by systems of governance and the importance of stakeholder participation? In this interuniversity programme.

Both European and non-European students study together for one semester each at first at the Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy/30 ECTS), then at KU Leuven (Belgium/30 ECTS) and then finally at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne (France/30 ECTS). The fourth semester is dedicated to an internship and a Master's thesis (30 ECTS) written at the university of the student's choice from among the three aforementioned universities and plus the Universidade Catolica Don Bosco in Brazil.

The extensive experience, international collaboration and multidisciplinaryity insights you'll gained from the Erasmus Mundus Master in Sustainable Territorial Development, will open up new perspectives on the sustainability of territorial use and organiszation while introducing you to various policy tools and management strategies in divergent territorial contexts.

A Bachelor's degree in the humanities, environmental sciences or engineering is required, as well as is knowledge of French and English; basic knowledge of economics is also helpful.


Candidates are requested to have a first cycle degree of 180 ECTS or an equivalent degree.

Ranking criteria:

  • Students' previous academic curriculum (ECTS and marks; minimum an 180 ECTS or equivalent degree is required),
  • Previous professional curriculum and relevant experience,
  • language proficiency (English and French are required),
  • motivations and the pertinence of their research interests,
  • your competence in economics.

The previous curriculum will be evaluated on the basis of appropriate (translated) documents; the same goes for the competence in economics. The command of English and French will be tested by 'all possible means' including an interview by skype. Tests used worldwide such as the TOEFL-test for English or the DALF/DELF test for French are taken into account. As to keep candidates from high expenses for translation of documents and tests, officially translated documents and tests such as TOEFL will only be requested after preselection.

The motivation and pertinence of research interest is measured by a 'Motivation and training proposals file' which has to be filled out by every candidate.


Job opportunities for graduates may be found in all sectors where sustainable development actions should be implemented, in particular at organizations responsible for the creation of sustainable territories (communities, enterprises, non-state actors and civil society organizations, local governments), the central government and international organizations.

Potential posts include: environmental adviser; sustainable development manager in local communities, public administrations, civil society organizations & local governments; representative within local public institutions, national and international institutions, enterprises, trade unions & professional bodies.


Deze opleiding duurt 2 jaar.

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