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Religion and Culture is a two-year Master's degree programme. The aim of the programme is to create interaction, collaboration and competition between students while guaranteeing intensive support and hands-on experience with research. In the best traditions of scholarship in the humanities, teaching and research are closely related as the programme is taught by senior professors of the interdisciplinary research groups of the faculty's Centre for Religious Studies: Jewish, Christian and Islamic Origins; Comparative and Historical Study of Religion; Christianity, Philosophy and Culture. The programme is offered to talented and advanced students, either foreign or Dutch, who have a wide-ranging interest in religion and wish to study in a challenging academic environment that stimulates personal ambition.


The following requirements apply:
- Bachelor’s degree or a (one-year) Master’s degree (or equivalent) in a fitting subject
- Proof of English: TOEFL 625 / 263 / 113 or IELTS 7.5 (not for native speakers and Dutch students with a VWO diploma)
- Students must apply and will be admitted only after selection


Prepares for positions for which academic research skills and experience in field of theology and religious studies are required; and for employment or independent research in public/private sector.


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