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The research Master's programme in Linguistics, which is taught in English, is intended for students from all over the world who combine a talent for research with curiosity about language and are interested in pursuing research into language and the way it is embedded in human cognition. The programme is guided by the following main questions: Which cognitive faculties underlie human language, and how do they interact? This programme offers courses in the following fields: computational linguistics and logic, experimental psycholinguistics, language acquisition, phonetics, phonology/morphology, semantics/pragmatics, syntax (and its interfaces with other systems), and text linguistics. Students select one of these fields as their major and complement it with a minor to suit their individual interests. Part of the curriculum consists of an internship in a research project within the Utrecht institute of Linguistics (OTS) or another research institute in the Netherlands or abroad. Students complete their studies by writing a Master's thesis based on their research.


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