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Analystic Sciences is a specialization of the Master's Programme  Chemistry. For the development of new pharmaceuticals, the unravelling of complex biological systems or the design of new sustainable materials and chemical processes, methods and techniques are required to identify and quantify chemical compounds in a variety of materials and environments. During the Specialization Analytical Sciences, you will gain insight in modern analytical technologies. You will learn to apply various analytical techniques in this specialization track, including chromatography, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy as well as laser-based approaches. Major topics in the research at VU University Amsterdam include the development of analytical screening and characterization techniques for biologically active compounds.

The two-year master's programme consists of compulsory courses, optional courses, literature thesis and a research project.

In consultation with the master's coordinator, there are possibilities to study part-time.


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Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen - Algemeen
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Percentage schoolverlaters met gunstig oordeel over aansluiting op arbeidsmarkt 88.0%
Percentage schoolverlaters met baan op zijn/haar niveau 72.0%
Percentage schoolverlaters met baan 100.0%


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Percentage schoolverlaters met voltijd baan 92.0%
Percentage schoolverlaters met vaste baan 88.0%
Arbeidsmarkt Steekproef 25
Arbeidsmarkt Jaar 2011
Bron: SKI database 2013
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