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During the master Earth & environment you're going to learn how to find solutions for various issues relating to our planet. 

You will learn about earth and the environment, meteorology, soil, hydrology and earth science by using tools like physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. You will acquire a quantitative understanding of the composition, structure and processes of the earth and its atmosphere, as well as the impact of human activity. Water scarcity, soil degradation, loss of biodiversity, vulnerability to severe weather and climate change are just a few examples of the major issues that need to be addressed.


BSc degree in a relevant field of science


Deze opleiding duurt 2 jaar.

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Percentage schoolverlaters met gunstig oordeel over aansluiting op arbeidsmarkt 79.3%
Percentage schoolverlaters met baan op zijn/haar niveau 69.0%
Percentage schoolverlaters met baan 96.6%


Clusternaam 0
Percentage schoolverlaters met voltijd baan 86.2%
Percentage schoolverlaters met vaste baan 89.7%
Percentage schoolverlaters dat is gaan doorstuderen 3.4%
Arbeidsmarkt Steekproef 29
Arbeidsmarkt Jaar 2011
Bron: SKI database 2013
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