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The Master's programme Computing Science deals with both theoretical and practical aspects of computing, in particular in the area of Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Intelligent Systems, Computational Science and Visualization.

Apart from core computer science skills, mathematics and research methodology are also important. For those aiming to go into business rather than academia, project management and related topics are offered. All skills acquired are put to the test in research projects, either within the university or in business and industrial internships.

Because computer science is pivotal in many areas of research, students can easily participate in one of many research collaborations with other fields, such as bioinformatics, medicine and astronomy. Contacts with many businesses facilitate internships in a variety of fields, to match the interests of most students.


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Percentage schoolverlaters met gunstig oordeel over aansluiting op arbeidsmarkt 87.9%
Percentage schoolverlaters met baan op zijn/haar niveau 78.8%
Percentage schoolverlaters met baan 93.9%


Clusternaam 0
Percentage schoolverlaters met voltijd baan 66.7%
Percentage schoolverlaters met vaste baan 90.9%
Percentage schoolverlaters dat is gaan doorstuderen 3.0%
Arbeidsmarkt Steekproef 33
Arbeidsmarkt Jaar 2011
Bron: SKI database 2013
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