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The Research Master in Theology is a joint venture between the Tilburg School of Humanities and the Tilburg School of Theology. In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that religion is a very important factor in the interplay between people and the development of humanity in general, individually as well as socially. A thorough study of religion, taking into account all its specific qualities and dimensions, is of paramount importance to our present-day society. The Research Master's programme in Theology offers variety and excellence in all areas of religious studies and theology, with an emphasis not only on Christian (Protestant and Catholic) and Jewish traditions but also on other,non-western religious traditions, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism in particular. The programme aims at highly talented and strongly motivated students. Keywords are: in-depth academic knowledge of the research field of religious studies and theology, acquiring research skills, preparation for the PhD track and active participation in a wide range of research.


Deze opleiding duurt 2 jaar.

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Religion & theologyWO Master
TheologieWO Master
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Religie & theologieWO Master
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Percentage schoolverlaters met gunstig oordeel over aansluiting op arbeidsmarkt 42.9%
Percentage schoolverlaters met baan op zijn/haar niveau 22.9%
Percentage schoolverlaters met baan 51.4%


Clusternaam 0
Percentage schoolverlaters met voltijd baan 11.4%
Percentage schoolverlaters met vaste baan 48.6%
Percentage schoolverlaters dat is gaan doorstuderen 28.6%
Arbeidsmarkt Steekproef 35
Arbeidsmarkt Jaar 2011
Bron: SKI database 2013
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