International Business Studies

MBO Niveau 4

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Will this profession suit you?
This course prepares you for an international middle-management function in business. This means responsibility for running a business unit and maintaining the corporate image. Realizing revenue targets involves commercial financial and logistic tasks - and based on policy, logistics and human resources (personnel). You are in charge.

At the same time you are a hands-on leader of your personnel. You guide, you are responsible for working processes, logistics and sales plus looking after clients. Sales and purchasing may be part of your personnel portfolio, or delegated to staff. And, you are constantly aware how the product offering and central marketing policy matches with actual demand in the marketplace.

What will you learn?
Together with your Dutch diploma 'Manager Handel', you will receive the British BTEC Diploma in Business.

Deze opleiding kun je volgen in BOL of BBL, dat hangt ervan af bij welke instelling je de opleiding wilt gaan volgen. Kijk hiervoor bij de instelling van je keuze.


Meeting one of these requirements is enough to qualify: - Mbo-certificate at level 3: a 7 for Dutch, English between A2 and B1 (7), 7 for economics - Proof of promotion to 4th class of higher general secondary education (havo) / secondary science education (vwo) with at at least a 7 for English & Dutch - Vmbo-certificate (preparatory secondary vocational education) mixed or theoretical program (G/T): a 7 for Dutch, at least a 7 for English and economics


Deze opleiding duurt 3 jaar.

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