International Marketing & Communications

MBO Niveau 4

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Will this profession suit you?

The marketing and communications advisor acts on the latest market developments. He/she spots potential and identifies the products the client needs, and is able to sell them. He/she is a 'marketeer', that means studying the market and taking systematic action. Communicating with the consumer effectively and clearly is a must, it spells success for your product.

What will the study be like?

Together with your Dutch diploma, you will receive the British BTEC Extended Diploma in Business.

What will you learn?

  • Corporate communication and PR
  • Formulating marketing policy
  • Carrying out (your organisation's) commercial policy
  • Developing commercial and promotional activities
  • Checking out new markets


Meeting one of these requirements is enough to qualify: - Mbo-certificate at level 3: a 7 for Dutch, English between A2 and B1 (7), 7 for economics - Proof of promotion to 4th class of higher general secondary education (havo) / secondary science education (vwo) with at at least a 7 for English & Dutch - Vmbo-certificate (preparatory secondary vocational education) mixed or theoretical program (G/T): a 7 for Dutch, at least a 7 for English and economics


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International Marketing & Communications

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