International Travel & Tourism Management

MBO Niveau 4

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Will this profession suit you?

Working in the tourism industry ... Do you love to travel, work abroad or in an international environment? Which field of work could be more international than tourism? So why not study in English right away, acquiring two internationally recognised diplomas at the same time: the Dutch certificate level 4 'Manager Verkoper Reizen' and its British equivalent. Your English will improve in leaps and bounds and you could undertake an internship in an international company. All of the tourism modules are taught in English. Your training includes management, sales (both face to face and telesales) and e-commerce geared towards companies and consumers.

If you want to continue your studies, most vocational universities offer international programs such as International Tourism and Leisure Studies, International Tourism Management, International Tourism and Hospitality.

What will the study be like?

International Travel and Tourism Management prepares you for the core tasks of a Travel Sales Manager. This means acquiring skills and knowledge in order to sell trips and related products. You will learn how to process sales transactions administratively and financially. In order to do this successfully you must learn how to be responsible for customer management. Therefore you will learn to acquire social and commercial skills so you can build customer relations and provide customer service.

As a Travel Sales Manager you are the manager of a team of sales agents or business unit. You need to be able to translate the organisations strategy into goals and actions. In order to acquire these skills a large part of your education and training will focus on operational and personnel management.

Knowledge of (inter-)national developments that could influence the travel and purchase behaviour of customers is important. You must learn how to keep this knowledge up to date and follow trends and developments. In addition you must learn how to translate these into concrete marketing and promotion. Together with your Dutch diploma, you will receive the British BTEC Diploma in Travel & Tourism.

What will you learn?

  • Knowledge of the Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Skills needed for the Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Knowledge of Tourism Destinations, its cultures and attractions
  • Business to consumer and Business to Business sales
  • Marketing Travel and Tourism products and services
  • Costumer service in Travel and Tourism
  • Customer relationship management
  • (Operational) management
  • Work experience & languages

Where will you be able to work?

You will be able to work in a range of sales and management jobs in the travel industry.

What previous education is required?

Meeting one of these requirements is enough to qualify:

  • Mbo-certificate at level 3: a 7 for Dutch, English between A2 and B1 (7), 6 for either economics or mathematics
  • Proof of promotion to 4th class of higher general secondary education (havo) / secondary science education (vwo) with at at least a 7 for English & Dutch and a 6 for either economics or mathematics
  • Vmbo-certificate (preparatory secondary vocational education) theoretical / combined track: a 7 for Dutch, at least a 7 for English, 6 for either economics or mathematics

An interview or test is part of the admission procedure.

Special requirements

Admission interview: this takes a deeper look into your previous education and motivation and also includes a calculation / mathematics test. Whether you are accepted is the decision of the selection committee.


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