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The aim of this joint Erasmus Mundus master's programme (Sefotech.Nut) is to foster and develop knowledge and awareness of scientific trends and health issues in food science, technology and nutrition in a global context. The programme provides students with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of global food issues, international trends and food problems, particularly in the context of the increasing globalisation of the food industry.

It also highlights on-going problems and concerns with regard to food safety, nutrition and environmental issues. In addition, the programme enhances the professional competencies of the student, taking cognisance of management and ethics. These skills will enable young professionals to meet current demands for highly-skilled staff in food science, technology and nutrition.

The programme is organised in a modular format. Candidates are required to undertake six compulsory core modules, three of which are offered at the Dublin Institute of Technology and three at KU Leuven Campus Ghent.


Admission is based on academic excellence and it is mandatory for a student to hold an honour Bachelor Degree (B.Sc., B.Tech., B.Eng., etc.) or a degree at the level of a Bachelor Degree in relevant subjects such as Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Food Science and Technology, Nutrition or Engineering or cognate subject area. Internationally recognized English language certificate (e.g. TOEFL 550/213 or IELTS score 6.0)


Graduates often find employment in multinational companies with a subsidiary in Europe and companies with international branches in their home countries. Graduates are also well-prepared to move on to PhD studies or take up research functions in industry or research institutes. Some graduates also go on to careers in education.


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