Bachelor of Theology and Religious Studies

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  • Do you seek to better understand the potential your faith has for a critical reflection on society and the Church?
  • Do you have an interest in religious attitudes, customs and traditions?
  • Do religious buildings and the rituals they house awaken you to greater mysteries?
  • Do religious traditions besides your own inspire your wonder as well?

If so, consider the Bachelor of Theology and Religious Studies. The programme will:

  • Deepen your current understanding of the Christian tradition and the history of the Church
  • Improve you knowledge of modern and Biblical languages, philosophy and other human sciences
  • Help you re-examine your assumptions and critically deepen, broaden and mature your faith in conversation with contemporary culture.


For admission to this programme, the general admission requirements for a Bachelor's programme apply:
1° a Belgian degree of secondary education;
2° a Belgian degree of short-course higher education;
3° a Belgian degree of higher education for social advancement, with the exception of the certificate of pedagogic aptitude;
4° a degree or certificate, awarded in the context of the Flemish HBO;
5° a degree or certificate which, pursuant to a law, Decree or European guideline or another international agreement, is deemed equivalent to the certificates mentioned in the categories above.

In addition to this KU Leuven may admit candidates who have obtained a degree or certificate in a country outside of the European Union, which is not deemed equivalent as mentioned in 5°. This is only possible on the condition that this document gives admission to a Bachelor's programme in the country where it has been awarded, comparable to a Flemish Bachelor's degree, and on the condition that the degree of certificate in question is authenticated. Candidate students who fall into this category file their application with the International Admissions and Mobility Unit.


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Bachelor of Theology and Religious Studies

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