Master of Theology and Religious Studies

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The goal of this Master's programme is to expand and deepen students' initial education in Theology and Religious Studies, whether obtained at KU Leuven or elsewhere. It prepares students to engage in independent research in the various domains of Theology and Religious Studies and equips them to function as experts in Church and society.

The curriculum has a twofold focus. On the one hand, students are given the opportunity to specialise and write a Master's thesis in one of the faculty's six research disciplines or majors: biblical studies, systematic theology, theological ethics, history of Church and theology, pastoral theology, and religious studies. On the other hand, the curriculum continues to offer a general orientation towards the interdisciplinary academic investigation of the Christian faith tradition in a multi-cultural and multi-religious social context.


Direct Admission:
- Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies
- Bachelor of Arts in de godgeleerdheid en de godsdienstwetenschappen

After an Abridged Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies (120 credits):
- Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
- Another Bachelor's or Master's degree
- Complete programme of formation leading to ordination as a minister of a recognised religious faith

TOEFL (Computer-based test 213pt., Internet-based test 79 -80pt., Paper-based test 550pt.) or IELTS (6.5 - 7pt.)


Degrees in Theology and Religious Studies prepare students for a variety of careers, including secondary and higher education, publishing, the media, academic research and the various domains of pastoral care. Graduates who wish to engage in further specialisation, can continue their study career in the programme of the Master of Arts in Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion.


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