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The programme aims at enabling students to gain a solid and critical knowledge on key issues such as the place of religion in the public sphere, the debate on secularism, the role of the State vis-à-vis religion, church and relationships, human rights and religion, European and international law and religion, and domestic and international politics of religious freedom.

Taught at the Faculty of Canon Law, the programme is particularly sensitive to the autonomy of religions, religious self-government, and religious laws. While all students receive a basic training in the law of the Roman Catholic Church, the programme embraces all religions and faith communities, and includes classes in Jewish, Islamic, Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant law. African and Asian religions and customs are also investigated, as far as their relation to law and society is concerned.

Th programme provides an interdisciplinary education and its teaching staff ,are drawn from law, social sciences and religious studies.

The programme can be taken as a self-standing programme or as a gateway to the Master of Canon Law.


Direct admission:
- Academic bachelor or master
- Certificate for completion of training for the priesthood (major seminary)

To be admitted applicants have to prove a satisfactory level of proficiency in English. The language requirement consists of a minimum level of knowledge of the English language equal to TOEFL (Computer-based test 213 pt., Internet-based test 79 -80 pt., Paper-based test 550 pt.) or IELTS (6.5 - 7 pt.). Previous education in English can be considered.


Religion is increasingly acknowledged as a crucial factor in areas such as politics and the economy, social and corporate management, culture, employment, education, health care, international cooperation, and conflict resolution.

Candidates for positions in these areas, in the private or public sector, as well as those already employed, will benefit from gaining a topical knowledge in the field.


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