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The Bachelor Business Administration (BBA) programme is a unique, English-language bachelor's programme in Brussels. It has a strong international focus and combines an academic approach with practical skills development to prepare you for a career in business, both in Belgium and worldwide.

The BBA is organised into various learning tracks: Strategy & Business Sciences, Economics & International Business, Research & Methods and Human Behaviour, Law & Society. These four tracks continue throughout the three bachelor years and gradually become more specialised. Along these tracks you learn the basics of business science, economics and international business. You are coached in developing competences you'll need in real-life business environments. You acquire insight into the principles of strategy, management and entrepreneurship.

The graduate is trained academically and able to develop and implement business solutions through synthetical reasoning within the actual globalizing economic and societal context. Furthermore, he/she is capable to be of additional value on the level of business oriented research.


For admission to this programme, the general admission requirements for a Bachelor's programme apply:
1° a Belgian degree of secondary education;
2° a Belgian degree of short-course higher education;
3° a Belgian degree of higher education for social advancement, with the exception of the certificate of pedagogic aptitude;
4° a degree or certificate, awarded in the context of the Flemish HBO;
5° a degree or certificate which, pursuant to a law, Decree or European guideline or another international agreement, is deemed equivalent to the certificates mentioned in the categories above.


The MBA programme prepares students for management, consultant and staff positions in a number of sectors.


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