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Bioinformaticians are distinguished by their ability to formulate biologically relevant questions, design and implement the appropriate solution by managing and analysing high-throughput molecular biological and sequence data, and interpret the obtained results.

This interdisciplinary two-year programme focuses on acquiring

  • Basic background knowledge in diverse disciplines belonging to the field of bioinformatics, including statistics, molecular biology and computer science;
  • Expert knowledge in the field of bioinformatics;
  • Programming skills;
  • Engineering skills.

The 120-credit programme consists of a reorientation package (one semester), a common package (two semesters) and a major.


* Direct Access (Bachelor KU Leuven):

  • Bachelor in de bio-ingenieurswetenschappen
  • Bachelor in de ingenieurswetenschappen, alle afstudeerrichtingen behalve architectuur
  • Bachelor in de geneeskunde
  • Bachelor in de biomedische wetenschappen
  • Bachelor in de biochemie en de biotechnologie, minor informatica
  • Bachelor in de biologie
  • Bachelor in de chemie, minor biochemie en biotechnologie / fysica / chemische technologie
  • Bachelor in de fysica, minor informatica / chemie / biofysica / biowetenschappen
  • Bachelor in de geografie, minor informatica
  • Bachelor in de geologie
  • Bachelor in de informatica, minor biowetenschappen
  • Bachelor in de wiskunde, minor informatica / biowetenschappen

* For all other KU Leuven bachelors or bachelors that were obtained outside the KU Leuven: admission decisions are based upon evaluation of a complete application file. Guidelines on whether your Bachelor degree would be eligible can be found at*

With the exception of native English speakers or holders of accredited degrees taught in English, students should present results of a test of English proficiency (TOEFL / IELTS) at or exceeding the following scores: TOEFL (Computer-based test 213 pt., Internetbased test 79 - 80 pt., Paper-based test 550 pt.) or IELTS (6.5 - 7 pt.)


Bioinformaticians find careers in the life sciences domain in the broadest sense: industry, the academic world, health care, etc. The expanding need for bioinformatics in biological and medical research ensures a large variety of job opportunities in fundamental and applied research. 60% of our graduates start a PhD after graduation.


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