Game Art Animation BA/BSc Degree


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Combine your artistic talents with your love for video games and turn that creative talent into your dream career.

From anatomy studies for precise character modelling, to intricate textures, environments and integration with games engines, the programme develops your skills using industry standard technologies and production methods to create 3D art for games.

Our hands-on ethos will have you experimenting with many different styles in order for you to explore and expand your own individual flair, which you can then hone during the many practical projects, closely supervised by a supportive team to help engrain these skill-sets.

During the process of the degree, our tutors will nurture and guide your creative work flow in order to prepare and create the all-important show reel to ensure that you hit the ground running in the industry.


Game Art Animation Diploma

  • Module 1: Introduction to 3D Animation & Information Communication and Professional Media Practice
  • Module 2: Foundations of Game Design and Game Production & Animation Modelling Principles and Techniques
  • Module 3: Applied Production Techniques and The Production Pipeline & Elective Module

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  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • A valid VISA for entire duration of the selected course is required prior to enrolment (for non-EU students).
  • Applicants have achieved an intermediate education level.
  • English language skills: minimum TOEFL score of 80, or, minimum IELTS score of 6,5 (or equivalent)
  • For applications from mature students, we also consider work and life experience. In such cases, SAE Institute requires applicants to provide satisfactory evidence of their ability to successfully complete the program. You will be expected to submit a digital portfolio and CV, to discuss at interview.


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Game Art Animation BA/BSc Degree

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