Hogeschool Inholland - Amstelveen/Amsterdam/Diemen

Instelling: Hogeschool Inholland
Vestigingen in: Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Delft, Den Haag, Dordrecht, Haarlem, Rotterdam
Opleidingsniveaus: HBO Bachelor
Bezoekersadres: Amsterdam

Mathematical Engineering (Eng.) bij Hogeschool Inholland - Amstelveen/Amsterdam/Diemen

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What is the content of this programme?
Mathematical Engineering is a bachelor programme that operates on the border of mathematics and IT. It focuses on data, information and the importance of them for all sorts of organisations. More than ever information is seen as the fuel of the 21st century. Organisations depend on having the right information at the right time in the right place. You can even say that without information no organisation can exist, not even to mention functioning properly. Information comes from data. The more data we assemble and combine, the more we need engineers with mathematical knowledge and skills to find the relevant information amongst all the existing data.

In the Mathematical Engineering programme you learn to combine mathematical applications and IT resources to realise the best possible solutions. You develop skills in the areas of big data, algorithmic, software engineering and networking.

Mathematical Engineering has a strong international focus. We have close relations with international partners and we prepare you for the international work field. Students can choose to follow the first year of the programme in English or in Dutch, i.e Toegepaste Wiskunde. Subsequent years are taught entirely in English – the business language of the world.

Is the Mathematical Engineering programme right for you?

As a professional Mathematical engineer, you will be a motivated fast-thinker who enjoys working in a dynamic and and specialised environment. You will need good communication skills, and will know how to implement your analytical skills and technological knowledge. You will move from solving day-to-day technical problems to helping your organisation realize its strategy. Whether you are an employee working behind the scenes, a freelance consultant working on the front-line, or an entrepreneur running your own business, you can make a difference to any organisation. Our Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mathematics & Applications will set you on the road to an exciting and challenging career.

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