Hogeschool Inholland - Delft

Instelling: Hogeschool Inholland
Vestigingen in: Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Delft, Den Haag, Dordrecht, Haarlem, Rotterdam
Opleidingsniveaus: HBO Bachelor
Bezoekersadres: Rotterdamseweg 141, 2628 AL Delft
Postadres: Rotterdamseweg 141, 2628 AL Delft

Aeronautical Engineering bij Hogeschool Inholland - Delft

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What is the fulltime bachelor programme Aeronautical Engineering about?
You will graduate from the Aeronautical Engineering bachelor's degree programme as a Bachelor of Engineering in the broad field of the aircraft and space industry. The focus of this four-year fulltime bachelor programme will be on designing and constructing aircraft and aircraft components. You will learn about engineering in general and you will gain practical experience during your work placements. The Aeronautical Engineering department of Inholland University of Applied Sciences Delft works closely with Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). You will be able to make full use of the facilities available at TU Delft, such as the wind tunnel. You will also have access to the university library. What is more, TU Delft has a huge collection of aircraft components as well as fully-assembled aircraft.

The fulltime programme Aeronautical Engineering: is it right for you?
Have you always wanted to know how an aircraft flies? Do you want to know what the best materials are for the wing and what the best shape is in relation to its function? Are you curious about how to calculate all this? Do you feel challenged when asked to come up with creative technical solutions for contradictory requirements? Then there is probably an aeronautical engineer inside you waiting to come out. You are proactive and ambitious, you dare to dream and have the guts to realise it. You are creative and have a critical mindset. Then the fulltime bachelor programme Aeronautical Engineering is the programme for you!

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