Biomedical Sciences


In this programme you explore the clinical (biomedical) challenges in human beings, starting from the molecular level. What causes disease? How can we prevent it? And if disease is present, how can we treat it?


Why this programme?

This two year programme is unique in several ways. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the programme provides you with all the universal career skills that are essential for your future work. You will study and practice these skills both with a personal coach and in small groups. You will practice your knowledge in modern high-end equipped laboratories. The programme offers enough freedom for you to tailor it to your own interests and ambitions. Develop your own profile in the domain of biomedical sciences by picking one of six specialisations and by designing your own research project. These specialisations are: Genetics and Genomics, Imaging from Molecule to Man, Inflammation and Pathophysiology, Neuromodulation, Nutrition< Physical Activity and Metabolism, Regenerative Medicine. In year 2 you will do an internship in a university, hospital or industry on any location in the world.


Career prospects?

This is a fast-paced, cutting edge field that is currently enjoying ambitious support from the EU and wide-scale investments all over Europe. As a result, there is growing demand - and good labour market prospects - for highly specialized professionals in both academia and industry. Most graduates continue on to PhD positions, but you may also find work as a policymaker, project manager, analyst, chemist, biotech entrepreneur, science reporter and so on. Many students are offered jobs by their internship organisations; graduates now work at universities in the Netherlands or abroad, or in commercial companies like Philips, Medtronic and Sigma. You could look for work in: hospitals, universities, governmental agencies, patient organisations, environmental agencies, contract research organisations,

pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, public health or genetics institutes.

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