Digital Transformation Management

Throughout the study you get to know how to apply business-driven ICT solutions using the latest data gathering, analysis and visualisation tools and methods. These competences are combined with strong entrepreneurial, personal and intercultural competences to enable you to lead innovative and ethical sound digital ventures and projects.

The program covers business related modules such as Business Strategies, Management, Business Informatics and Data Sciences:

In the field of business, students gain understanding of traditional and digital business related issues including business strategies and models, operations and information management, human resources management, marketing, finance and accounting.
They will also gain competencies in management, leadership and change management preparing them to contribute to the required change processes in companies and organizations.
Students will become knowledgeable in business informatics and learn how to identify and manage ICT solutions. This aspect covers business information systems, software development, information management, IT management and governance, geographic information systems and global ICT & Ethics
In the field of data science students will become familiar with data analytics and visualization, open and big data, business and artificial intelligence & tech ethics and Cybersecurity & ethics.