Industrial Sciences


he BSc. in Industrial Sciences is an academic bachelor's programme consisting of 3 programme stages of 60 ECTS each, for a total of 180 ECTS. Each programme is comprised of:
- a joint part common to all bachelor's programmes
- a specific part tailored to the student's chosen major

The joint part offers general scientific and technological training in the four major basic sciences (physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics) and their corresponding technological fields (energy, matter, life and information technology).

In the second stage of the programme, you select an orientation as a run-up to your choice of major in the third programme stage:
- Electromechanical and Electronic Engineering
- Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

In the third programme stage, you choose between three majors:
- Electromechanical Engineering
- Electronic Engineering
- Chemical Engineering (with an option in either Chemical Engineering or Biochemical Engineering)


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