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The CEDLA Master’s Programme (CMP) leads to a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies. It aims to provide critical knowledge, academic skills and understanding of the international academic literature and debate on transformations in Latin American societies in geographic, historical, economic, cultural, social, political and ecological terms. During the programme insights and debates from different disciplines, as well as from Latin America, receive careful consideration. The CMP and CEDLA’s research programme are closely related. Both focus on contemporary processes in Latin America with a historical perspective. CEDLA’s teachers conduct research regularly in a large range of countries in the region, where they have a broad academic network. Their research, expertise and contacts offer students ample opportunities to connect with local institutions and scholars. In accordance with CEDLA’s research mission and the research experiences of its staff, the goal of the CMP is to enhance students’ knowledge and insights on social transformations in Latin America, not only through lectures and discussions, but also by learning how to gather and analyse information in the daily setting o

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