Master of Business Administration

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Please note that application for this master for next year is no longer possible.
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Purpose Economy is focused on creating value for companies in many more ways than just profit. You will learn how to successfully manage a company while
The MBA in Purpose Economy is meant for business professionals who are aiming for purpose and growth for themselves and the company or organisation they work in. The programme prepares professionals to be leaders for current and future challenges in business and find solutions that benefit both organizations and society, instead of focusing on financial value alone. The MBA enables you to take your managerial competencies to a higher level and engage with professionals in an international environment. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals take a central place in this. This MBA is offered both part-time (2 years) and full-time (18 months).
This MBA is meant for professionals with a bachelor's degree and a minimum of three years of relevant managerial work experience, either within a company, non-profit or governmental organisation, or NGO. Work experience is required for this programme as this greatly contributes to the content and impact of the study. The MBA helps professionals to lead with integrity and in compliance with the principles of good corporate governance.

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