Manager International Hospitality

Niveau 4

Do you dream of having a career as a supervisor or manager in a place where guests, customers, travellers and visitors come together? Do you want to work in an internationally oriented environment either at home or abroad? Do you want to become an excellent hospitality manager, who is flexible and capable of making a difference in the hospitality sector of a company? Would you like to become a motivational and inspirational leader for groups in the future? Then the Manager International Hospitality course might be perfect for you!

The International Hospitality Manager is operational within the entire corporate chain. You are continuously supervising all processes and will know how to define new operational steps. The program’s emphasis is on attitude and behavior, something that is really important in the current job market. In this program you will learn about: communicating effectively in English and Spanish,, working in an international environment with a variety of cultures, result-oriented working and networking; innovative and creative thinking, leading, motivating and inspiring others, through various leadership styles, working in different hospitality environments, functioning as a contact for guests, customers, travellers and visitors, achieving commercial success, using technology and social media marketing tools, working in a project and in teams, developing your skills to become an independent professional.

You can follow this education in BOL.


You are always welcome to enroll in one of our intermediate vocational courses if you have completed your general secondary education. Your prior education determines the level you can enroll in. Some courses have additional requirements. If you do not have a pre-vocational secondary school diploma or a document issued by your higher general secondary school that shows that you have passed year 3, you will start your career as a student at our college in an entry course.


As manager international hospitality you will be able to work as an international hospitality supervisor or manager in different hospitality environments with guests, customers, travellers and visitors. You can find a job in all sorts of middle management positions within many internationally oriented chans where hospitality plays a key role.