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This interdisciplinary research master offers the best of three worlds (arts, literature and media). You take two collective courses which will train you to position yourself and your research in a multi-disciplinary field. Then you choose between two historically defined lines that work with different definitions of media: * In the medieval and early modern line, art and literature work through media. Here, medium is the means by which art and literature are made (such as the medium of language, print, theatre, paint, etching, andsoforth). * In the contemporary line, from the 19th century until the present, art and literature get accompanied by media such as cinema, games, or social media. Your research connects to the medieval/early modern line or the contemporary line. In both you take two obligatory thematic courses that combine interdisciplinary and historically marked research with medium-specificity. Because you have also taken the two collective courses, this leaves you with more than half of the programme as a matter of choice. You need to select two courses provided by the national research schools which organise specific fields of research: medieval studies, art history, literary studies, media studies, cultural analysis. Finally, three courses that are specific to your research and can be chosen from the Leiden master programme or other universities.

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Arts, Literature and Media (research)
Landelijke gemiddelde Verschil
Het gemiddelde tevredenheidsoordeel (schaal van 1-10) van studenten over de sfeer op de opleiding.
8.1 8.1 0
Het gemiddelde tevredenheidsoordeel (schaal van 1-10) van studenten over docenten, denk bijv. aan de deskundigheid van docenten en de bereikbaarheid en betrokkenheid van docenten.
8.6 8.6 0
Het gemiddelde tevredenheidsoordeel (schaal van 1-10) van studenten over de studiefaciliteiten, denk bijv. aan de computerruimtes, de bibliotheek en de ICT-faciliteiten.
8.3 8.3 0
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