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The master in Asian Studies (Research) gives you access to Leiden University's leading expertise in the countries of Asia, from their politics and literature to their languages. Asian Studies at Leiden University has a reputation for excellence that is unmatched in Europe. You can choose subjects from a curriculum that spans the entire Asian region both in geography and time. You can focus your studies on a region, such as China, Japan, Korea, South Asia or Southeast Asia, or on a discipline, such as politics, religion, art and material culture, languages and literature, with the option to work with a primary language. A comparative, area studies approach to learning encourages a broader, contextual understanding of the issues at hand. Small classes allow for a high level of direct contact with your lecturers, many of whom are at the leading edge of their fields. An important focus of this programme is developing your ability to conduct high-quality scientific research. You also have the opportunity to conduct field research in or on an Asian country of your choice.

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Azië Studies (research)
Landelijke gemiddelde Verschil
Het gemiddelde tevredenheidsoordeel (schaal van 1-10) van studenten over docenten, denk bijv. aan de deskundigheid van docenten en de bereikbaarheid en betrokkenheid van docenten.
8.6 8.6 0
Het gemiddelde tevredenheidsoordeel (schaal van 1-10) van studenten over de studiefaciliteiten, denk bijv. aan de computerruimtes, de bibliotheek en de ICT-faciliteiten.
8 8 0
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