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The Master's programme Classics and Ancient Civilizations at Leiden University covers the entire range of present-day research on the civilizsations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Syria and Palestine, Greece and the Roman Empire. In chronological terms, the programme covers thousands of years, from the early origins of Egyptian and Sumerian societies down to the world of Greece and Rome, including its modern reception from the Renaissance to the twenty-first century. The Master programme distinguishes itself from other similar programmes through its flexibility and wide range of electives, through the diversity of the research-related specialisms offered within the program, and through the collaboration of Assyriology, Classics, Egyptology and Hebrew and Aramaic Studies within one program. The programme is well connected with excellent research institutes in Leiden, including the National Institute for the Near East (NINO), the National Museum of Antiquities (RMO) and the University Library, which hosts the Papyrological Institute and a unique collection of ancient and medieval manuscripts. Research-based learning is characteristic of the program: students are trained in critical thinking and they learn by doing research on a small or large scale; they are constantly exposed to the ongoing research of the teaching staff.

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Deze opleiding
Landelijke gemiddelde Verschil
Het gemiddelde tevredenheidsoordeel (schaal van 1-10) van studenten over de sfeer op de opleiding.
9.1 9.2 -0.1
Het gemiddelde tevredenheidsoordeel (schaal van 1-10) van studenten over docenten, denk bijv. aan de deskundigheid van docenten en de bereikbaarheid en betrokkenheid van docenten.
9.1 9.1 0
Het gemiddelde tevredenheidsoordeel (schaal van 1-10) van studenten over de studiefaciliteiten, denk bijv. aan de computerruimtes, de bibliotheek en de ICT-faciliteiten.
7.9 8 -0.1
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