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The Theology & Religious Studies research Master's programme offers you the opportunity to conduct research in any specialization offered and get more in-depth knowledge in these fields. Are you fascinated by research and you enjoy studying? Have you also achieved excellent results for your Bachelor's degree? Then this Master's programme is perfect for you! At VU University Amsterdam you can choose to specialize in one of the following disciplines: * Biblical Studies and Digital Humanities * Innovation of Traditions in Early Christianity * Bible Translation * History of Religious Migration * Reformed and Evangelical Theology in Contemporary Society * Interreligious Studies * Peace, Trauma and Religion * Islam and interreligious relations * Philosophy and Religion The specialization you choose will define the content of your personal programme. During the programme, you will enroll in a number of specialized courses in your field and area of interest. You will also pursue research by participating in faculty research projects, or you will explore new approaches to your specialization with a period of studying abroad. After two years of doing a lot of interesting research and gaining new in-depth skills and knowledge by training, you will be ready to enter the PhD programme offered by the Graduate School Theology and Religious Studies at VU Amsterdam.

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Theologie & Religiewetenschappen (research)
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